I'm Josi Severson, a freelance textile designer based in Chicago.

I  graduated school for Fine Arts and Economics at Luther College in Decorah, IA before attending the Academy of Art in San Francisco, then moving to Montana and eventually back to my  home in Minnesota in the midwest.  


My work is all hand-drawn and has been described as Scandinavia meets Africa as well as a variety of other contrasting influences including being modern but retro, serious yet fun, simple while being sophisticated. 

I like to provide design that separates all perceptions of any specific trend.  Instead,  have each person choose artwork based on their own personal style to perfectly accommodate their circumstances and environments. 

Beyond offering my own line certified organic fabrics and clothing (, sustainable design is based in the satisfaction of making and obtaining pieces that inspire longevity and are responsibly made.  All fabric yardage is printed in USA using water-based inks making them safer for humans and the environment.

Work with Me

I'd love to hear about your own projects and how we could work together based on your own needs as a company, no idea is too small or big.  Please be in touch with me using my contact form or email:  

Many thanks and best wishes- Josi